Friday, February 25, 2011

spiritual experience through a beautiful bargain

i go to nordstrom rack for rain boots and i get a super-duper bargain thrill. here's how it goes down. i try this and that. i can't decide whether size seven is right or size eight is the right one, given the difference between thick socks and thicker socks and thin socks. oy. so i get both. i walk around in the hotel room with my socks and/or hwubby's socks. in the end i discover i don't quite the color so much. with hwubby's encouragement i decide to return them both. i brave myself through the unseasonable snow, walk through the door, go up to the customer service counter, only to realize i don't have the receipt. the guy is so nice. he takes a glance at my wallet and says, did you use this credit card? well, i only have one credit card. so he takes care of it. i'm already a happy person when he points to my guru's picture in the wallet, is this you? i almost say, i wish, before i chuckle and say, it's my meditation teacher. now i feel i want to take a look around. i immediately get the message. clearance. so i take a bee line, head straight to the clearance racks. guess what i find? eileen fisher slacks at seventy-five percent off the last marked price. i like their things. they have nice cuts and fabrics but they are so expensive. initially i think this is not going to work because it is extra small. i try it anyway. hey. it works beautifully. i walk out of the store, filled with this triumphant feeling that i get this great thing at less than one tenth of the marked price. in yoga terms i would say this. a desire is satisfied. the mind goes quiet. in the brief while before the next desire or mental ripple arises, the light of the innermost self shines forth. the sublime feeling i experience is not because of the pants though it is beautiful and beautifully priced. i feel this sublime contentment because this is my own true nature, unobstructed by mental chatter.

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