Thursday, February 24, 2011

pain and pleasure

it's snowing beautifully. late february in portland, oregon. at the same time hwubby is sick. all night he vacillates between feverish and chills. he feels achy all over, particularly in the bones and heaviness in the chest. given he has broken ribs this is a cause for concern. he sips rice porridge, honey lemon. by the way, i have a big bag of meyer lemons, that are from karuna's orchard, sitting at home in oakland. but i have to buy lemon here at ninty-nine cents each. ridiculous. anyhow, anyhoo, the doctor says his chest is clear - very fortunate - and he has some sort of virus that will take seven to ten days to clear, and if it is not by then, back to the doctor. so what's my point here? my hunch is this drastic change in weather is hard on his body that is going through a huge healing process. this snow is pleasing to the eyes but it is causing pains. and that is how it goes in this physical world. a pleasurable thing has a dark streak. always. the law of duality rules here.

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