Monday, February 14, 2011

women torah study is gems and jewels

haven't been to women torah study for quite a while. almost didn't go to this one as well since i am feeling the body saying, i want to sleep some more. after tugging and pulling for a bit i yield to the pull of torah. on my way to catch the arranged ride i run into a neighbor, ms williams. she is dressed to the nines all ready for church. ms williams is sort of the grande darme of the block, keeping the pulse on everything. i tell her hwubby is recuperating from a taxi hit. she immediately says, what can i do? i say, yeah, if you know anybody who can give him rides for doc appts. she says, i can do it. i say, hallelujah. i take it as the sign that getting the relationship with yhvh right then all other relationships will be right.

anyway, it turns out this parasha is all about how to make the priest's garment. torah is always spare on details, particularly when it comes to what people wear. but here no detail is spared. when it comes to the twelve gemstones on the breastplate i learn that different translations have different takes on it. some may say this causes confusion, like what should be the right stone to use? i take it as the evidence that the divine radiance of yhvh covers an infinite array of frequencies. every gem and jewel is but one ray in the wide and vast spectrum.

at one point the subject of miracle comes up. i say, huwbby and i now realize just to be able to walk on the pavement one step at a time is a miracle occurring moment to moment. deborah says, yes, walking is losing and regaining balance in every step. what a beautiful gem.

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