Thursday, February 10, 2011

the hand of benevolence gently puts him down

hwubby says, as soon as i realize the taxi is going to slam right into me i am just filled with this sense, to let go, do not resist. so he goes limb. two thousand tons of moving steel hit his right. like a rag doll he is thrown into the night new york city air, dents the hood, cracks the windshield before spinning into the icy cold air and dropping onto the freezing ground on his left. i am not making light of all the broken ribs, clavicle, multiple pelvic fractures, and so on and so forth. in the ensuing days and nights he keeps seeing the car ram into him. o, yes, he stays conscious the whole time. they put him on morphine and he still goes through spasms which, on a pain scale of one to ten, are off the charts. having said all that, he is very, very lucky, in the words of the attending trauma physician in bellevue. mr bernstein, he says, you are very very lucky. indeed. they find no spinal injury, brain damage, no surgery necessary. everything is healable. if that is not grace, i don't know what is. the hand of benevolence holds him up and gently puts him down.

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  1. This reminds me of the new year's message where Gurumayi talks about the dream of the great wave coming. She surrendered to the wave and became the daughter of the ocean. The lion who fought died a painful death. Do you remember that message Suk Wah? I think there was tremendous grace in your husband's surrender! Blessings to you both today, and I hope he is healing rapidly.