Tuesday, March 1, 2011

chuk. extra-strength tylenol.

all i have been having in the last few days are ginger water, honey lemon and chuk. what is chuk? one part rice and seven parts water, a little salt. that's according to chinese. you can just use a little rice, lot of water and nothing else. simmer it until the kitchen is infused with a healing and nurturing aroma. on the day when i feel clogged and heavy and achy i down two bowls plain, just like that. the next day i add in some green veg that is already cooked to soft. again, two bowls. when the day comes i want to put an egg in it it's the sure sign i am getting better. right now i feel i am hovering around a trough, not better, not worse either. as we chinese say, in the long run, it's better to let a cold or flu to run its own course and it's not less than seven days. but, of course, these are the days of extra-strength tylenol and antibiotics. who has the patience and tolerance to do that? images of the tasks and deadlines that are piling up fast come through the mind. i can see the time of taking extra-strength tylenol is coming near.

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