Friday, March 4, 2011

a thousand mirrors. breakthrough.

last year me and my buddy claira memorized a poem of my guru. a thousand mirrors. we love it so much that we want to find something to study and memorize this year. then life takes center stage. i have been criscrossing country in hospitals, rehabs and she having a full plate on her life as well. meanwhile we try this, and try that. nothing sticks. finally, this morning, i realize i've become rusty on the poem 'a thousand mirrors,' so i take out the book. just like that i start to read through the other poems. i cannot believe my guru is articulating all that difficulties and frustrations and anguish that i have been going through. i couldn't have put it clearer myself. so i bring it up in our weekly study session. very quickly we decide that this book, in our eye and mind, is our guru's spiritual autobiography. one poem jumps out at me. the title is 'breakthrough.' hey, what's spirituality if there are not breakthroughs. to me, spiritual endeavors are all about breakthroughs. break away from perceived limitations, bondage, preconceived notions, habitual tendencies and so on and so forth. through with the small self, be the highest self. and so it is that our 2011 study goal is to memorize this poem. breakthrough.

there are seventeen poems in the book. one already down. only sixteen to go. i don't have to worry about what to study in the years ahead. nice.

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