Wednesday, August 4, 2010

getting easier to stay in the present

a suitcase filled with all that we need to keep the ayurveda thing going on the road. and we are not even taking pots and pans because we'll be in friends' kitchens. there's even a partially prepared ladoo batch so i don't have to bring a spice grinder and blender. but it's all worth it. last night i had spiced milk that was, for the first time, barely diluted, and by the way, i have to make a note that this is raw milk, not pasteurized nor homogenized. it really tastes like milk and it's so light. why am i saying all this? last night i slept straight through. i awake at 4 on the dot, ready to get up, and meditate for two hours. it comes to me during meditation what's happening is it's getting easier and easier to stay in the present moment.

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