Saturday, August 14, 2010

sunrise outside. sunrise within.

witnessing yet another sweet and fabulous sunrise. sitting in a rocker. floor to ceiling windows. receiving a panoramic vista of the exquisite pre-dawn lights. where am i? at the departure gate in logan airport. ahhhh. the sun reaches everywhere. mirroring the inner self that reaches everywhere in the entire being wherever i happen to be. yet another bright and beautiful reminder that the darkness of worrying go away when i am aware of the sunshine of the inner self. the saffron disk enters into view, imbuing the fleet of red and blue southwest airplanes with a vibrant sheen. soon it spreads to the entire indoor area, touching everything and everywhere. i look around. people are doing all kinds of things. the same sunshine is all over them whether they are aware of it or not. in the same way. the inner self is shining my way all the time. all i need to do is to be aware of the inner sunshine.

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