Tuesday, August 3, 2010

let the ayurveda adventures begin

overnight my kitchen is upside down and ayuveda-fied. hwubby is totally full on and i am tagging right along. he feels the wisdom from this ancient way. and he's ready for it. right now he's in a spiritual retreat and he's set up a little cooking area for himself in the room. upon arrival he's concerned that he couldn't do the medicated milk for fear that the steam would set off the fire alarm. i say, what about the bathroom? doesn't it have a vent? it works out great. so, a shout out to the inner self.

by the way, it's fascinating to discover that boiled milk is so light. soon after my cup in the evening i feel this sense of settling in, drawing in and out streams one yawn after another. i also notice i haven't been getting up as often as i used to. mmmm. interesting. hwubby says, if i go to the 9pm meditate session and then another hour plus to make the milk (four cups water and one cup milk boiling down to one cup) i won't get to bed by midnight. i say, hey, making the milk is your meditation.' hey, we yogis are flexible. we work with whatever we have. hwubby says, that's exactly right. another shout out to the inner self. thank you.

i'm packing for a ten day trip. i can see a whole new way of packing coming up. what an adventure.

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