Friday, August 13, 2010

dawn within. dawn without.

going home tomorrow. so looking forward to meditating in my own meditation closet. right off the bet i have to say wonderful, marvelous people have been opening up their homes to us and allowing us to use their kitchens in the way that work for us. let me put it this way. i would not have been a fraction as nice as all my hostesses if someone came into my kitchen with a suitcase of provisions and equipment, cooked their own food and drinks. anyway the supine meditation posture works out well. a couple of mornings back hwubby says just as i am about to close my eyes and go into meditation, look outside the window. i slightly turn my head. through the opening in the still dark vegetation i see a small patch of cloud being tainted orange-gold against the fish-belly-white pre-dawn sky. i realize i am watching miracle as it happens. contentedly i close my eyes and roam the miracle dawn within. the sweetness is nectarean.

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