Saturday, August 7, 2010

do what is necessary

our kind and generous host in maine takes a quick look at what we are doing at her stove and she has no idea what we are doing and she says with her usual big smile, this is beyond pale. i must say if i were the one who had a house guest barging into my kitchen with a suitcase of her 'funny' food i would not have handled as well as she is doing. not even close.

so it becomes clear to me i have to figure out a way to honor and respect the way that suits me while honoring and respecting that this is another person's space. i prepare all that i need in the morning the night before. i go at it quietly. hwubby says, you're doing so good. i admit i am. it's clearer and clearer to me that there is always this part of me that is calmly and quietly watching over all this, all this and all this. there's nothing to go crazy about, in all sense of the word. i am just doing what is necessary in a calm and happy way. hey, all i want is to maintain some sort of meditation practice with a travel schedule in a proper and appropriate manner.

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