Monday, June 7, 2010

remembering yhvh

i'm sure there are all kinds of ways and means to help us remember our connection with yhvh, the healing and transformation power that runs through all things and all creatures, including us. given the technology as it is we don't have a lack of outside objects and hardware and software for this purpose. having said that, for me, the thing that works is turning attention to the sound and motion in the breath. i can do it anyway i want. breathe in. yud. breathe out. hay. breathe in. va. breathe out. hay. or the other way round. breathe out. yud. breathe in. hay. breathe out. va. breathe in. hay. the beauty is endless. it costs nothing. it is portable. it is with me 24/7. i can do it anywhere with anyone and nobody knows it. except me. it puts me back in the light of the inner self, free of the veil of anger, anxiety, i don't like this person, fear and so on and so forth. the key thing for me is to remember to bring attention to the breath. there are times when i don't even realize i am already caught up in the turmoil of thoughts and feelings. the good news is, with my meditation practice i am shortening the lapse between one remembrance and the next. i catch myself sooner.

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