Thursday, June 10, 2010

i am not the negative thought

hwubby says, i notice something. the excitement in his voice is palpable. i say, what, what? he says, i have this negative thought. i couldn't wait to cut him off. i say, no, you don't have it, you are not it, that's not you, it's just some mental weather, you just see it. he says, okay, okay, i see a negative thought and, at the same time, i notice a constriction in the breath. i say, that's really great. he says, i realize when i have, no, when i see a negative thought, i'm really standing outside the door to my self, i just need to step through the doorway into my self. and then? he says, i shift attention to the breath, it's so soothing and then i don't even remember what that negative thought was all about. indeed. thought comes. thought goes. well, unless i feed into it and go down the slippery slope. a typical way is to say, i shouldn't have this thought. another way is, what a clever girl am i. blah blah blah.

my inner self flows through the breath. the breath is the pathway through which i return into the safe shelter of the inner self. from there i watch the thoughts and feelings come and go while the lights of the inner self shine forth.

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