Wednesday, May 12, 2010

very special yummy chicken feet

rosemary and thyme infused chicken feet. so good. never had it till now. all came out of the goodness of my spiritual sister ellie. she is recovering from 'sudden death syndrome.' one day she got this call. it turned out to be a vendor in the farmers market that she has been going to for ten years. the vendor dug out ellie's phone number from the check copies, called out of concern. so a friend took ellie to the market. the vendor was so happy to see her and gave her a chicken, eggs and asparagus.

i said, do you want the feet? ellie said, no. so i clipped a bunch of rosemary and thyme and meyer lemons from ellie's beautiful garden, stuffed, covered the bird, baked it in foil and took the feeties home.

what a special treat. i still taste the refreshing herb and gelatinous texture in meditation this morning. the gentle aroma of the meyer lemon adds an extra pizazz in consciousness.

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