Monday, May 10, 2010

inner self is the crown jewel

carefully i place the gift from ellie, a sweet and dear spiritual sister, in front of the books of writings by my beloved meditation teacher. a dazzling thing it is. the surfaces of the petite box are covered by cut color glasses each of which is set like a jewel and framed by a thin band of golden filigree. the whole arrangement is supported by a sturdy golden frame. i can't get my eyes off the panoply of lights reflected and refracted from them. amber. ruby. lavender. yellow.

when i first saw it i felt this sense of recognition. i said to myself, i've seen this before. this morning in meditation it comes to me that i have all these splendid lights within myself. i know these lights of mine. they are part and parcel of the infinite magnificence emanating from the crown jewel, the inner self. it is brilliantly beautiful and it is sturdy and strong.

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