Thursday, May 6, 2010

meditation, inner self and tax refund

there i am, getting ready to meditate. the night is quiet and clear. so is the mind. it is steeped deep in the vast inner world. then i hear it. a gentle whisper. car expenses. i know right away what the prompting means. the car expenses in schedule c of tax return. i make a note of it and go on with my meditation.

when it's the time of day to take care of business i pull out the draft 09 return, go straight to the 'car expense' line in the first schedule c. what do i see? blank. i am shocked. i flip through the pages into the second schedule c. there is a number in the 'car expense' line. i say to myself, this doesn't make sense. i get on the phone with our tax person. she looks at it. it doesn't make sense to her either. she looks into it. it turns out to be a software malfunction. a piece of data that should have flowed into one part of the return from another part didn't. she corrects it and says, suk wah, you are going to have a refund.

now i get why earlier in april when we were considering whether or not to file an extension i kept having the sense to do an extension when it looked like it was ready to go. hwubby said, why are we filing for extension? i said, i don't know why but i just really feel it's the right thing to do. hwubby said, alright, i trust you. the way it has unfolded enhances my trust in the voice of the inner self. the experience really strengthens my willingness to follow through with the prompting from the inner self even though in the moment i may not grasp the meaning and implication of it. with this experience i am even more resolved to maintain a quiet and clear mind to make sure i hear the inner self with an open, receptive mind and not mental noise through filters of limitations.

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