Thursday, May 19, 2011

excellent credit score. spiritual progress

there i am logging on to inbox. usually i don't pay attention to the ads that run on the right side of the window. but this time something catches my eye. the numerals 814 ornately framed. i know exactly what it is. credit score. i have no interest to find out what the ad is about. i am just thrilled that what a nice way this is to describe our credit scores. good enough to be framed. this is surely a ego-massage moment. and, guess what, we have worked hard to earn it. really. it takes a lot of work and vigilance to have and maintain a fantastic credit score. the mental circuitry has to be wired such that i pay bills on time. i have to apply discrimination to use resources wisely, smartly, prudently. i have to say no, with detachment, to all these phenomenally good deals that keep popping up everywhere, like some msg signed off by a facebook friend. for instance, a free ipad. seriously. i'm not saying i don't have spurts of impulse to click. i actually go as far as clicking it. but then i discover i have to keep giving out my personal info and keep clicking. after a couple of screens it strikes me that i don't need an ipad and this is not worth it. i'm still paying the price. i am still getting soliciting emails. but, i digress. the point is an excellent credit score is truly, in a way, a measure of spiritual progress.

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