Tuesday, May 10, 2011

children are creditors. grandchildren are profits.

i am munching lox while i overhear two ladies catching up. it's all about their grandchildren. they are animated. their eyes sparkle. without a doubt they are thoroughly enjoying being bubbe, bubbeleh. it's a total delight to behold. something comes to me. i think to myself, should i share this with them since jews don't really believe in reincarnation the way chinese do. a couple of mouthfuls of lox later i can't help myself and i says, listen, children are creditors from previous lifetimes to collect their debt. the lady who is doing the talking pauses in mid-sentence and turns her bright eyes toward me. i keep going and say, with a light tap on her shoulder, grandchildren are profits. she bursts into a ring of laughter, beams and says, in her bell-and-chime voice, grandchildren are profits, i like that. guess what happens next? more splendid experiences affirming that grandchildren are indeed delicious profits.

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