Monday, September 27, 2010

out of present and an ankle sprained.

staying fully in the present is the way to plan the future. case in point. i am at the edge of the entrance to the sukka, the temporary outdoor hut, on the way to indoor when a person stops me in my tracks. we speak a little bit. i know i am not fully present because the mind is all about what i want to do next and the body is still in the forward momentum. and so it is when i turn around and put a foot forward i am not looking at where i am going and...whoops, i almost miss a step and end up with a sprained ankle. that, of  course, has impact on the moments in the future.

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  1. oh, I'm sorry! I know how painful a sprained ankle can be. Isn't this a reflective moment: how to be in the present to someone else as well as to yourself? I am always trying to work on this. Meanwhile, lots of ice, rest, compression and elevation (I know you know all deep and smart Being). Great seeing you Saturday and we should plan on a Hat Day when you're better!