Saturday, September 4, 2010

inner self guides neighborly relations. cool

this inner self of mine is really super cool. case in point. i say, i'm going to talk to the neighbors about this barking dog at night. hwubby says, how are you going to do that? totally without any thinking involved i say, definitely not confrontational, not accusatory, just sending a message. hwubby says, what message? again, without going through the mind, i hear words coming out from a place deep within: we need their help, we don't know whose dog it is, we just want to sleep. so we go to talk to one neighbor after another. we speak to three in total. all kind of located near where we think the dog's voice is from. one guy says, look, he's just a puppy, surely it's not my dog. i say, of course it's not yours, we are just trying to find a way to sleep and get some rest. he says, this person complains about her, i do this, and then that person complains about her, i do that, now tell me what do you want me to do? call animal control? i'll do it. i say, no, no, i can't tell you what to do, and i'm not complaining, we're just talking as good neighbors, we know you are doing the right thing, you're doing all you can. we thank him and move on the next one. the last person is a fiesty, elderly lady. i say to her, you've been around the block forever, you're the grande dame here, you know everything and everybody in the hood, we need help with something, there is this dog...

after we take leave, hwubby says, you handled it beautifully. i say, the message is sent, let's see what happens.

so far it has been totally quiet for one night. i go into meditation thinking, let's go to the neighbors and thank them. before i bring it up, hwubby says, do you think we should send notes to thank the neighbors? i say, absolutely, and not a word about the dog, just say they are such nice and wonderful neighbors.

give credit where credit is due. i wouldn't have behaved the way i did if i am not anchored in the calm and kindness of the inner self. the simple truth is nothing anybody says or does adds to or diminishes the fullness and greatness of my own inner self. from that state and understanding i am confident to take care of any situation with clarity and respect. thanks again, inner self.

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