Wednesday, September 22, 2010

in the presence of of divine lights

what pleasure and delight to have business dealings with people who, besides know what they are doing, are kind, generous and act with integrity. not one. not two. but three. one of them says from the get go, i want to help you to get what you prefer. bear in mind that if and when i get what i prefer she doesn't get paid a penny. then there is this banker who says, you should go to this other bank. i say, you can't do it? he says, yes, i can, but you'll do better with the other bank. how about this other one who offers to advise me when she doesn't have to, and when i call her she is sweet, patient and generous with her abundant knowledge and experience.

kabbalah, the jewish mystical tradition, says the world as it is has shards of divine light. i am fortunate enough to have been face to face with three of them in half a day.

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