Sunday, August 21, 2011

foreground to the inner sky

what has pulled me through this week what with these morning challenges and dark memories? something truly marvelous and wondrous is coming sat and sun. for two days i'll be immersed in meditation and chanting and the rest of it. to be more accurate i'll be hanging out with my own true nature. i am so excited that friday night i am sleepless and wide awake. such is the power of the pull from the great light within. and so, once again, i recognize that all this thoughts, feelings and emotions are really foreground to the immense inner sky of my great self. hwubby says, you are doing so great, you are not swept away like you used to. true. unless i hang on to it all that mental cloud shall pass. if i really want to attach, i'd better attach to the light of my own self.

and how fortunate i am that i have a hwubby who would crawl out of bed 4 am to help me get out of the house with all i need for a whole day.

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