Thursday, July 21, 2011

the place where potentiality reigns.

what a meditation roller coaster ride eight thousand feet can make. from the first night, up in tahoe, i am awake after a couple of hours of sleep. i meditate two hours deep in the quiet and scent of russell pines. easy. now i've been home for several days. i'm still struggling with getting up before dawn. the mind seems to be tumbling into a rough terrain that straddles between waking, dreaming and sleeping. the state of awareness is like going through one of those amusement rides some times and tossing through tumultuous ocean other times. brutal currents of thoughts and feelings strike, collide, splash and merge. i see them but no desire to hold onto any of them. i know it's one of those times when i just have to duck, watch them roar and recede, roar and recede.

nevertheless, once i get my butt settled onto the meditation mat the power of the breath movement quickly takes over. it pulls my attention into the steady rhythm of the incomings and outgoings. actually they are come from the same place and go into the same place. where potentiality reigns in pulsing quiet.

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