Saturday, July 23, 2011

his holiness. facets of my own true nature.

as it happens a whole bunch of people at the sabbath meal table have their own dalai lama stories. for a short while i have the urge to say, i have my dalai lama experience too. but then i feel a subtle pull from within that clearly says, just listen, suk wah. i get exactly what it means. i don't need anything to add to what i already have, my own true nature. so i sit back, well, not exactly, i fuss over my plate of yummy food.

getting back to his holiness. i can't nod enough as i hear impressions and perceptions being so generously shared by people. my top faves are these. playful. with so much humility. child like. as i type this i am so tempted to relive those memory fragments where his sense of pure delight shine. nevertheless this insight trumps it. you are recognizing all that you already have. nailed it. i spot the residual tendency to compare.

so true. i am not looking at some attributes that another person has and i don't have them. quite the opposite. i am so drawn to them because i recognize them, i see in them what i have and what i want to let out. as my guru says,

in the beginning, love.
in the end, love.
in the middle, cultivate virtues.

virtues that are facets of my own true nature.

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