Thursday, July 7, 2011

duck feet in tahoe. vishnu sahasranama.

hwubby says on the phone, did you get to tahoe okay? i say, yeah, let the vacation begin and signs are it's a serious vacation. he says, what do you mean? i say, the first foods i have are mcdonald fries and frappe with whipped cream, the first item i get at the store is jet-puffed marshmallows. he laughs and says, very good, are you meditating? i say, yeah, i meditate and i go back to sleep.

i have one goal in this tahoe-ho-ho vacation. to jump start on memorizing the hymn vishnu sahasranama. i have full faith that with the mighty help of marshmallows and potato chips i'll do really well. hwubby agrees. i have forgotten he makes a special trip to chinatown to get my top fave treatie. duck feet. this is like an extra spurt of whipped cream on the frappe. i munch thoroughly on every joint as i soak in the butterscotch-vanilla scent of the russell spines that populate all around the house. what a lucky girl i am.

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