Friday, June 10, 2011

so much respect for dancers

here i am trying so hard to keep up with the dance teacher's moves. this dance fitness class in the health club. i don't even recall why i would pick this class at all. but then again hwubby and i met in a singles dance in the ashram. anyway my hands and legs are like pasta twirling in boiling water, scattering in ten thousand directions. gee, it looks so much easier when i see the  teacher demonstrating the moves. now i can't even keep counts of three. i am several steps behind, struggling not to crash into others when i spot hwubby standing outside the room, laughing so hard he can't stand up straight. later he says, you look just like your idol, lucy - as in lucille ball. hearing that i realize how ridiculous and hilarious i must have looked. but check this out. i don't feel an iota of embarrassment or inadequacy. i laugh just as hard as hwubby. in fact, i say to the teacher after the class, now i have so much respect for dancers. indeed. they have to be present, in the body. there's no room for thoughts or any mental activity. there's just the flow of consciousness. by the way i am really glad i do the class. it's so much fun.

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