Tuesday, April 26, 2011

if it's not one thing it's another.

here's the latest. hwubby and i come home after away for a week. and these days travel is...interesting and a lot of fun what with hauling walker and cane and hwubby being wheeled through airports. many tippings involved of course. anyway the moment we walk through the door hwubby says, something's not right. i say, yeah, i'm tired, that's not right. hwubby says, no, something's not right with the house. i say, the house always smells stuffy and musty after shuttered up for days, can we go to sleep now? good for hwubby. he stands up for his inner message. he says, no, the house is damp, very damp. i say, it's raining, the guy at the airport says it has been raining. hwubby doesn't say i am wrong. he just gently and firmly says, the house is very damp.

i try to go to sleep and all i can hear from within is, the house is damp. finally i surrender. i ask my innermost self, okay, what ought i do? a response comes right away. go to the basement. so i do. i go down to the basement. what do i see? a lot of water. to cut a long story short, turns out the hot water tank is broken. steamy water is all over the basement. of course the house is damp with a nonstop supply of hot steam suffusing a shuttered house. salutations to hwubby and his highest and innermost self. as for me, it takes a while for me to hear what i need to hear. as i reflect on it i can see the mind was veiled by resistance. and don't i know that resistance takes me right out of the present? i do. and yet...oy.

meanwhile it takes a couple of days for a plumber to come out even we plead it is emergency. really. wasting water and gas. i feel so bad about it. anyhow, anyhoo. the water and gas supplies to the water heater are off as i type this. that's the good news. bad news is there are no hot water and heat in the house. the earliest the plumber can come is, check this out, in another six days. not to mention all my meditation journals back in the days of writing them in paper and pen are drying out in the sunroom. do i feel we awful about all this? for a few moments, yes, and then it fizzles out like the specks of foam along the limp waves on a beach. hwubby says, it's not the end of the world. ain't it the truth. above and beyond i take it as an opportunity to practice stay in the present. staying in sync with ever evolving situations as they are not as what i would have liked. after all, if it's not one thing it's another. i am reminded, as i sponge myself, that this is the fundamental attribute of life, and the real and true antidote is to stay firmly connected to my own self and see what i need to see with crystal clarity without preconceived notions, opinions and habitual thoughts. and what do i hear from within? we are so fortunate. indeed. indeed. we are so fortunate. we are so fortunate. we are so fortunate.

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