Saturday, April 30, 2011

cold shower and meditation.

make no mistake i am not going so far as to say this dry-scrub-cold-shower thing is pleasurable. i hear somewhere that if you can endure the first minute you'll love it. suffice to say it feels like that first minute has no end to it. but, somehow, there's a steady spring of determination from within pumping me to go ahead with it, stay with it.

this morning's meditation is an effortless deepening of my awareness into the space between breaths. in a clean and quiet way there's a subtle opening between the breaths as i roam in the place where inbreaths emerge and outbreaths disappear. this place holds my body. this place exists within my consciousness. there's a refreshing coolness gently blowing through the body and the inner universe. at the same time my limbs, particularly fingers, palms and arms are full, like warm water balloons bouncing in a steady, comforting rhythm.

i have forgotten to make a note that i notice a difference in tone and texture of skin, head to foot. awesome.

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