Friday, April 5, 2013

drinking oil out of love, with love, for love.

photo by nat

i think that everyone who goes to vaidyagrama to do full panchakarma after much deliberation having some sense of what they are getting into. wouldn’t you think so too? boom. i couldn’t be more wrong. check this out. there’s this guy. he’s indian, young, open face, always carrying a cheerful smile and walking around radiating lightheartedness. one day i overhear him telling another patient he has a construction company. i say, wow, that’s quite a commitment you make, to come for panchakarma. he says in an easygoing manner, no, i didn’t come for treatment. i say, what are you talking about, you are drinking ghee for 7 days. he says matter-of-factly, i mean, with no drama, just like it’s the most natural thing to do in the world, and what does he say? listen to this. he says,  my wife has to come for treatment, so i stop everything and come with her. just like that. yes, folks, meet vikram, the guy who tags along with his wife and ends up doing full-on panchakarma. i salute him. he just dives in with a nice dose of good cheer and always ready to burst into a good laugh.

my hwubby always thinks of me first. in vikram he has found a match. on christmas night i put on a blinking red nose and sang ‘rudolph the red-nosed reindeer‘ during the group dinner. next morning, vikram came to me and said, with this mile-wide grin and happy, wide open eyes, thank you, thank you, my wife loved your nose, thank you, you make my wife so happy. i was deeply moved. i told hwubby about it. hwubby said, give her the nose. we went to their room and presented reshmi, a lovely, sweet young lady, with the gift. she was thrilled. vikram was just beside himself watching his wife being happy. snehapana means love drink. vikram truly drinks ghee out of love, for love and with love.

photo by nat
so now i think his wife is so lucky. well, i'm happy to be wrong because after getting to know reshmi just a little bit i realize, in fact, it's vikram who is truly fortunate. reshmi has this full moon lakshmi face shining the warmth of morning lights. she is a young working woman and lives the best of timeless virtues. as they tell me the tale of how they have come to commit to a life with each other i learn so much from them. they stand in their hearts and treat their family with deep love and respect. my american friends, we have to understand that in india families play a big role in marriages. i'm humbled and impressed with vikram's clarity of mind and unwavering determination. since knowing reshmi from childhood he had no doubt that if he had to marry this would be the girl. here's to you, vikram, you have an eye for a great wife. well, almost as good as my hwubby. :) once knowing what he truly wanted he pursued it with thoughtful calm, respectful persistence, tireless efforts and endless patience.  truly their story is a living example of 'love conquers everything.'

i heard their story on my 7th day of drinking oil. i have to say that really helps me to digest that 180 ml with total ease. there's no end to the power of love.

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  1. Wow! You gleaned SO much from your panchakarma treatment...all these lessons, all these insights...thank you so much for sharing your beautiful view of the world, Suk Wah! I am blessed to have met you <3